“NLP and hypnosis are fast entering the domain of new sciences that are being used to enhance our lives… the power of NLP is being used not only in the workplace and interpersonal relationships, but also in athletics. Carlos has very credible insights into alternative remedies, and he’s great at explaining them…” Tad James, Ph.D. President American Institute of Hypnotherapy

“As a licensed therapist I have the benefit of information regarding many different types of therapies and their possible outcomes. Before working with Carlos, I had never experienced Neuro-Linguistic Programing or hypnotism. The results were astounding and far surpassed my expectations. I thought I understood the type of work I needed to do, and was just having some trouble around a particular issue. Although the work with Carlos is primarily defined as brief therapy, we went far deeper than I expected. During the entire experience, and afterward, I was completely comfortable and felt entirely safe and in control of whatever issues surfaced. Carlos’ clear, professional guidance, deep empathy, and spot-on instincts created a space of peace and safety where transformations could take root. I highly recommend working with Carlos if you are ready for profound positive change.” – Christine Drislane, LMFT / Memory Care Specialist

“Mr. Carlos Casados has done outstanding hypnosis and neurolinguistic programing work for me, and he has become my go-to referral for my clients who are seeking new perspectives and creative solutions for physical, emotional, or cognitive limitations. His services are rapid, effective, totally down to earth and comfortable! If you are considering hypnosis, looking for an alternative to traditional counseling, or looking for other ways of managing heath related concerns, I highly recommend his work!” – Satch Purcell, MSOT / Program Director Stanbridge College

“As an Electrical Engineer, I have a curious mind that seeks to understand why things are as they are. My own healing process has been filled with constant self-discovery. Initially, I was open to trying Hypnotherapy, but wasn’t really sure what results I’d get from it. I have been pleasantly surprised by the ways in which his coaching has improved my life. At this point in time, I have now worked with Carlos for several years. He has helped me with things such as, uncovering and removing emotional blockages, improving my communication skills and transforming conflicts with others into learning experiences. All of these things have taught me much the power of my own intention applied to creating the results I want to get. I feel that what I’ve learned from Carlos has helped me to grow in important ways and it continues to influence the way I think and act in the world. I look forward to continued support and care from Carlos, whenever the need arises. I trust that he is committed to the healing path and to his clients. If you’ve never reached out for this type of coaching before, I certainly recommend Carlos as an outstanding and dedicated guide.” – Niousha Mahjoub, Electrical Engineer

I have worked extensively with Carlos during the past few years. The hypnosis sessions are done remotely, via Skype, with no need of being in the same room. He is a highly skilled professional and can bring me into deep hypnosis with a few words or signals. I have tried to work with other hypnotists, but the experiences with Carlos are always unique. After each session, I feel relaxed, happy, and connected with my inner self. I also feel more creative in my daily life, since I can explore and better connect new ideas. I love to work with him, his voice is so peaceful and he has a strong charisma on me. I highly recommend Carlos to every person that has the desires to relax deeply and feel refreshed.” – Gianluca Mattia, Chemical Engineer – Chemetall Group